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Juan Luis ArsuagaThis is the webpage of a group of Spanish researchers. It does not represent an academic or scientific institution, nor any particular research project, although the researchers affiliated with this page belong mainly to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and devote most of their research activities to the Atapuerca sites. We carry out our research at the Centro de Investigación de Evolución y Comportamiento Humanos (a joint research institute between the UCM and the Instituto de Salud Carlos III). We are interested in human evolution in its broadest sense, covering the physical, mental, and social transformations experienced by our ancestors through time and that have made us what we are today. Other topics include their diseases, the natural changes in the environment and weather which have conditioned our history and the human-induced changes in the biosphere since the beginning of agriculture and animal husbandry and the conservation of nature.

FecytAño de la Ciencia Fundación Ancestros
Convocatoria de ayudas para la realización de acciones de difusión y divulgación científica y tecnológica en el marco del Año de la Ciencia, nº referencia CCT005-07-00912

Ancient Genomes link early farmers from Atapuerca in Spain to...

Ancient Genomes link early farmers from Atapuerca in Spain to modern-day Basques

The consequences of the Neolithic transition in Europe—one of the most important cultural changes in human prehistory—is a subject of great interest. However, its effect on prehistoric and modernday...

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